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Phentatrim combines 3 powerful ingredients into 3 daily servings to destroy your hunger:

Reduce Bodyweight
Multiple scientific trials show significant weight loss at correct dosage

Energy Yielding Metabolism
Moves sugar from the bloodstream into cells for energy

Macronutrient Metabolism
Turns carbs, fats and proteins into additional energy

Normal Blood Glucose
Gets the sugar in your blood back to normal levels

Thyroid Support
Regulation of energy and metabolism for normal functioning

EFSA Approved
Meets the highest standard of manufacture and production

In less than one minute a day, you can supercharge your life!

4 reviews for Phentatrim

  1. Dee

    Absolute waste of money didn’t work for me tried to get my money back and they said they couldn’t find me on there and system

    • Mila

      Hi Dee,

      We’re sorry to hear you didn’t experience the benefits of using this product. I’ve looked at our records it’s true, I cannot find any order associated with you. I can’t see that you contacted customer services, either, there’s no record of any conversation. Did you buy direct from us or did you buy through a third-party, such as eBay? If you bought from us you’ll need to let us know your order number. I’d really like to help you resolve this issue so, please, if you can provide the neccessary details, I’ll look into this further for you.

      Kind regards,

      Optimum Nutra.

  2. Joseph Collier

    I am just ordering.

  3. Jess Ryder

    You can test whether these work or not, google it or youtube it. Just done it. You empty a the powder in the pills into a glass of water and it should soak up the water and turn to jelly. These turned into a thick jelly as they should. I had some XLS in the cupboard and did the test and it was nowhere near as good it turned into a gross runny paste. Sticking with these. I bought a multipack and split the cost with a friend. Both happy.

  4. Eva Gilbert

    I tried XLS and found it to be rather ineffective; I would still feel hungry despite its claims of being able to suppress my appetite. Phentatrim on the other hand does seem to work in the way it claims to, by suppressing my appetite and preventing my over-eating. My assumption is that now I’m consuming less food my body will begin to adapt and my weight will decrease. I do hope so, though it is early days at the moment.

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Konjac Root (3000mg)
Abolishes hunger

Weight loss is often seen to be an arduous task that takes a long time and leaves you feeling starved and unhappy. But that really doesn’t have to be the case. The simple truth is that if you regularly burn more calories than you consume, then you lose weight. Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily. What you need is glucomannan.

Glucomannan, also known as konjac root, ensures that you won’t overeat and go over your daily calorie count. How? By pre-filling your stomach and suppressing your hunger pangs. It’s a completely safe strategy for calorie control and you won’t spend your days hungry and moody like you would with most other dieting methods.

The way that it works is incredibly effective. By absorbing water, this super-fiber swells up to 200 times its original size! It’s no wonder that glucomannan is known as “nature’s skinny sponge”. This is a clinically-proven process, which creates a feeling of fullness as the Phentatrim blend expands in your stomach.

This means no more hunger, no more cravings, and no more overeating! But that’s not all that you can expect from glucomannan. You also receive other health benefits, including improved glucose and cholesterol control, improved bowel health, and reduced absorption of fat.

Chromium (24µg)
Boosts metabolism, increases energy and curbs hunger

Chromium can be found in lots of different foods (such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, plus meat and seafood) but getting the amount you need from food alone is difficult, as most of these only contain a couple of micrograms of chromium at best.

On top of not getting enough chromium into your body, there is also the problem of simple sugars found in soda, candy and juice that cause your body to excrete chromium in urine. Stress, illness, pregnancy and exercise can cause further unwanted elimination of chromium too. All of which can lead to an increase in blood sugar and to insulin resistance.

This is why chromium is included in Phentatrim, to reverse these effects and get insulin transporting sugar from the blood to body cells to be used as energy. Chromium also helps to metabolise macronutrients (carbs, fats and proteins) into energy.

Iodine (90µg)
Promotes thyroid regulation and metabolism

One of iodine’s main functions is the synthesis and regulation of thyroid hormones, making this an essential element for a healthy body and brain. Additionally, iodine contributes to metabolic processes and can provide energy benefits.

As with chromium, there is a growing iodine deficiency in people around the world as it can be challenging to consume the recommended daily amount through diet alone – particularly in places that don’t eat a lot of marine- and ocean-based foods. The iodine included in Phentatrim works to counteract this and bring your levels back in check.

Other ingredients: Capsule shell (HPMC).