Problems placing an order

We apologise if you’re experiencing issues trying to place an order.

If the website is temporarily unavailable, you’ll likely be seeing an error page. Please wait and try again later. Sometimes, the website may be unavailable because of events outside of our control. We’ll be working on getting the website back online as soon as possible.

Website shows, but I’m having an issue

There are so many different devices you can use to browse online, and we try to make sure our website is compatible on as many of these devices as is possible.

If you’re on our website but are having difficulty using it, please get in touch with us using the contact form here. Please tell us what issue you’re facing (eg. a button doesn’t work) so we can raise the issue with the development department.

If you could tell us the device you’re using – eg. iPhone 7, Windows 10 laptop, this will help us resolve the issue promptly.

I can see the product information website, but the checkout page is blocked

Our product information websites (eg. are freely available to view from anywhere, world-wide.

Our checkout website is only available in countries where we sell our products. If you’ve reached a block page, this likely means we do not currently sell our products in your country, and, unfortunately, you will not be able to place an order with us.

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