Made a mistake with your order

If you’ve made a mistake when placing your order, such as you’ve given us the wrong shipping address, please contact us as soon as possible by submitting a ticket. You must include your order number and details of the error.

If your order has already been sent for shipping or has already been dispatched, we will not able to make any changes.

Changes to shipping details will need to be verified. We cannot guarantee address changes can be implemented.

If you paid using PayPal, we cannot change your shipping address. Your order will be cancelled. You will need to update your details from within your PayPal account and place a new, corrected order. This is in accordance with PayPal’s policies.

If your order is returned to us undelivered, we’ll either refund your payment or you can request for it to be reshipped. We may charge a small fee for redelivery where the issue was not our fault.

Click here to submit a support ticket.

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