Coronavirus Statement

Update, 08 November 2020 – Service Updates

Due to continued restrictions, the advice on this page still applies.

Please also appreciate that we’re now heading into a busy Black Friday and Christmas period for online sales (we’re referring to all online shops, not just us). It’s more than likely all delivery services will soon simply be overwhelmed with parcels. Worldwide.

We’re doing our best to keeps things running smoothly but delays should be expected regardless of where you are.

It’s a situation outside of our control, though we apologise in advance for any inconvenience you may experience.

We ask you to consider placing your orders at a later date if delays will be an issue.

Thank you.

Update, 18 May 2020 – Service Updates


Almost all orders are processed and despatched within one working day. Our previous 14-days despatch statistics show 98.47% of orders were shipped within one working day.


Please appreciate that efficient delivery is dependant on factors outside of our control, though we’re doing all we can to keep things running smoothly.

The majority of orders are being delivered on time or reasonably close. A small number of orders are experiencing delays, depending on where they are going.

International orders may be delayed leaving the U.K. This is because of the huge volume of mail currently being processed through the international hub at Heathrow.

We’re updating all our delivery times to reflect this. Please understand that these are estimates and not guarantees, and begin when we despatch your order, not from the date your order was placed:

U.K.: 2 – 7 working days from despatch.

Ireland: 7 – 28 working days from despatch. An Post services are currently disrupted in areas. We ask customers to expect delays. Please consider placing your order at a later date if delays will be an issue.

Europe: 7 – 28 working days from despatch.

United States: 7 – 28 working days from despatch. Delays are possible with USPS. Their Chicago facility is currently experiencing delays.

Rest of World: 7 – 45 working days from despatch.

Please allow time for your parcels to arrive. More information will be available from your tracking link. We would not consider any parcel to be lost within one calendar month of despatch.

Updated, 29 April.

We’re operating as close to normal as is possible.

Almost all orders are processed and despatched within one working day. Delays with deliveries are possible depending on Royal Mail services in your local area.

Nationally, Royal Mail has extended delivery windows and would like to remind customers delivery times are estimates only and not guaranteed.

Please refer to your tracking links for the latest information for your parcels.

For further details:

Royal Mail Coronavirus Statement

Royal Mail Service Update

To ensure there is enough stock for everybody it may be necessary for us to reduce orders that contain excessive amounts of product. Deleted items will be refunded back to the original payment method. This is a temporary measure and will be reviewed at a future date.

Statement, as of 31 March 2020.

We, here at Optimum Nutra, are operating as normal as is possible under the current circumstances.

We’ve put measures in place to protect our on-site staff. Our administrative staff are working remotely from their own homes and offices.

Our support desk is currently running with a reduced staff. Please allow extra time for us to respond to your questions.

Your Orders.

Orders are being accepted and processed as normal.

Your orders are despatched from our global distribution partners. Each partner has in place the same strict measures as we do regarding staff safety and hygiene.


97% of orders are being shipped on schedule within one working day. The remaining 3% are being shipped no later than within two working days.

You should allow for local delays with deliveries. Please check with your local services for any updates. In the UK, please check with Royal Mail.

International deliveries begin with Royal Mail and are completed by local services in your area. Please consult with both regarding potential delays. For example, U.S. customers should check first Royal Mail and then USPS for any service interruptions.

Your local delivery service will likely offer you a hands-free delivery. They should place your parcel on your doorstep and step back to allow you space.


Returns are operating as normal.

We appreciate you may face difficulties in returning your items to us. We’re allowing extra time when making returns, which a representative will explain when you open a return.

This statement will be updated as and when required.

Thank you, and stay safe.

In the UK: UK Government Advice Website

In the US: US Government Advice Website

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