Are these products FDA approved?

The straight answer is our products, along with all other natural products, cannot be FDA approved simply because the FDA does not operate in such a manner.

The FDA does not test or approve supplements. They only approve new drugs, food additives, and biologics, such of the sort you would find in prescription drugs. There exists no scheme for seeking FDA approval for products such as ours.

It’s a big misunderstanding, and also often abused, that the FDA approves products. They don’t. They approve drugs and food additives destined for use by people or animals. As a federal agency, the FDA does not partake in activities judged commercial in nature, which a product approval scheme would be.

You’ll often see products claiming to be FDA approved. They’re not. The reality often is that a product contains an ingredient the FDA has said is okay for use, but it has been judged on its own merits as an ingredient, not the product. Buyers will see the FDA logo and think, yes, this is safe and works because the FDA says so (they haven’t) and buy the product. This is misleading.

You’ll notice we don’t use FDA logos on our websites, even though many of our ingredients have been passed as suitable for use. Technically, we could say our product ingredients are generally FDA approved, but that’s all.

Food supplements are often mistaken to be drugs simply by the look of them. This is where the misunderstanding can arise.

The FDA has jurisdiction in the United States. Some countries choose to adopt FDA guidance; these tend to be countries with underfunded healthcare services or no governmental health body of their own.

It’s worth keeping in mind that substances with FDA approval can still be banned elsewhere. European health services often take a stricter view regarding safety and require more substantive testing. What you’ll then find is products available to buy in the United States are prohibited from sale in the European market.

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